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The connector defines

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Connector is our electronic engineering technical personnel often contact a widget. Its role is very simple: in a circuit is blocked or isolation circuit between, can help build a bridge of communication, so that the current circulation, make the circuit can realize the function of reservation.Connector is indispensable components in electronic equipment, follow the current circulation channel observation, you will always find one or more connector. The connector form and structure is protean, along with the application object, frequency, power, such as different application environment, there are different forms of connector. For example, light with connector on the pitch and hard drive connector,and igniting rockets connector is different. But no matter what kind of connector, are intended to ensure that the current smooth continuous and reliable circulation. In terms of general, connectors are connected not only limited to the current, the rapid development of optoelectronic technology today, the optical fiber system, the signal carrier is light, glass and plastic instead of the ordinary in the circuit conductor, but also the use of connectors in the signal path, their role and circuit connector is the same.

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